New for 2018.
BatteryConsole is the next generation software application from Battery Metric.

This page supports the new BatteryConsole software used to operate the MC, LC, RM & MK line of battery analyzers.

BatteryConsole software is the next generation software to replace BA500WIN. Users who download and use this software understand that it is pre-release software for demonstration purposes and may not be suitable for all applications at this time.

Users are encouraged to report any issues they find in this pre-release software so we can continue to add functionality and fix issues that arise.
Be sure to upgrade to the latest firmware using fwManager before using Battery Console.

BatteryConsole Downloads:

  • BatteryConsole (Run this program from a PC to download and install the software)
  • User Guide (Pending)
  • MC Firmware (Latest firmware release Ver 9.3 for MC, LC & RM series analyzers)
  • MK Firmware (Latest firmware release Ver 9.3 for MK modules)
  • fwManager (Program used to update firmware. See MC/LC user guide for loading procedures)