Four Modules with controller on 18″ desktop bracket

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The Battery MetricTM RM modules provide a packaging that allows for flexible installation in a variety of situations. The system is expandable to provide any number of channels.

Each module is a single channel and is available in several current and voltage configurations. The power supplies are external to the module which also allows a number of different powering situations. Power supply is connect by either using the top screw terminals or the top 2.1mm barrel plug connector. Each channel is fully isolated when powered by separate power supplies.

Modules come equipped with rear mounted DIN rail mounting brackets for attaching to standard 35mm DIN rail.  Optional DIN rail to 19 inch rack bracket available.

Users can build a system with standard DIN mounted power supplies or brick style supplies conveniently positioned.

The system is used with BA500WIN for operation, control, monitoring and data collection. Connection to the computer is accomplished by using a USB to Data BUS controller. Only 1 USB controller is required per system. The first module connects to the controller and the other modules connect to each other. The controller can be mounted to the side of a module as pictured or DIN rail mounted.

Rear View

Each module includes:

● 3 current ranges and 16 voltage ranges for precision.
● 12 bit A/D & 12 bit D/A for 0.15% full scale accuracy.
● Short circuit, reverse polarity and overload protection.
● 8 lower screw terminals to connect battery, temperature probe or optional I/O lines.
● Four wire or two wire battery connection.
● LED status and power indicators. Vector control button.
● Integrated heat sink and fan with rear exhaust.
● 6 inch modular cable included with each module to connect to the controller or another channel.
● Rear DIN rail mounting brackets.
● Factory calibrated with calibration certificate.


► USB to Data BUS controller with DIN clip. USBCTLR
► 12” DIN rail with 2 desktop brackets. DINDESK2
► 18” DIN rail with 3 desktop brackets. DINDESK3
► Modular data extension cable. MODCable-XX
► DIN rail to 19 inch rack mount bracket
► Brick power supply with 2.1mm plug. Various
► 19 inch rack mount power strip with 8 N/A outlets
► DIN rail mounted power supply. Various
► Thermistor temperature measurement cable. TEMPOP

Dimensions: 10w x 11.4h x 9 d (cm)
Power supplies sold separately
Includes PC software – Download only

RM Models

Order NoMax VoltageMax CurrentMax PowerInput ResUS$
RM10210 V+/- 2A20 W10MΩ348
RM20220 V+/- 2A40 W150KΩ398
RM10410 V+/- 4A40 W10MΩ398
RM20420V+/- 4A80 W150KΩ448
RM20720 V+/- 7.5 A100 W150KΩ498

New Customers will receive a Network Controller (included) to communicate with all modules on the system.

Network Controller

Each system requires a network controller to interface the modules to a computer.  The module has a USB type B input and Modular cable output.  Each module has two Modular connectors to connect to the Network Controller and the next channel on the system.  Just one controller is required for any number of modules.  The controller can be mounted on DIN rail or used inline between cables.

Network Controller: USB to Modular interface