Choose from a selection of Apps here.

To download Battery Apps:  – Right Click on the App     – then Save Link as…   to save App on your computer.

Once you have the app on your computer, you can load it into the device with the BatteryAppConsole or BatteryAppMaker application.  When the App has been loaded into the Battery Metric device it can operate with or without a USB PC data connection.

  • With PC connection — view operational data, messages and print reports with the Battery Console software.
  • Without being connected to a PC — operate the device and get details about progression and messages from the programmable LEDs and Beeper.

Once the App has been loaded into the device it remains in non-volatile flash memory and is always available.  No need to reload the App when powering Off/On the device.  Once the App is loaded you have a functional device for any purpose you can take anywhere.

Don’t see an App you are looking for ?  Use one of these as a template and modify it as required or create your own using BatteryAppMaker .

Even with the App loaded you can still use the BA500WIN software.  BA500WIN will over-ride the App giving you full control of the device with a GUI interface.  To return to the programmed App functionality simply close BA500WIN and power the device Off/On.  There is no need to reload the App.

Apps can be programmed to be fully automatic: i.e. they automatically begin when the battery is detected & end when the battery is removed.  Alternatively, they can be programmed to respond to the Vector push button located on the rear panel of the device.

CategoryBattery TypeDescriptionApp FileMore Info
Capacity Test7.2 V NiMH 2000mAHCharge battery then perform full discharge test to measure capacityNiMH_7_2V_2000mAH_V1.bap
Capacity Test7.4 V LiIon 2000mAHCharge battery then perform full discharge test to measure capacityLiIon_7_4V_2000mAH_V3.bap
Capacity Test7.4 V LiIon 2500mAHCharge battery then perform full discharge test to measure capacityLiIon_7_4V_2500mAH_V3.bap
Charge12V SLACharge a 12V SLA battery then hold float voltage.Charge12V_SLA1.bap
Discharge12V SLADischarge a 12V SLA down to 10.5VDcrg12V_SLA_1.bap
Discharge36V LiIonDischarge test a 10S4P eBike pack, followed by a charge.eBikeTest3.bap
Special12V SLALoad TestLoad_Test1.bap
Special6.5V PrimaryActivate battery for serviceActivate_PrimA1.bap
SpecialNone12V DC Power Supply. Adjust as required.12V_PowerSupply1.bap
SpecialNoneTest App to perform a functional test on a Battery Metric device.TestApp.bap