To install the BA302WIN software:

1) Download the 2 disk files listed here.
2) Unzip these files and copy the content to 2 diskettes respectively.
3) Run setup.exe from disk 1.

Installation Disk 1of 2
Installation Disk 2 of 2
BA302 Manual

Please Note:

The BA302 analyzers were discontinued in 2000.  They will not run with BA400WIN or BA500WIN software. The BA302 analyzers were comprised of a different hardware and software platform than the newer series analyzers. The BA302 analyzers will not run in WindowsXP or or later operating systems. They will only run with BA302WIN on a Windows95 or 98 machine.

The BA302 analyzers require the original data cable supplied with the analyzer. This is a non-standard cable.  An external 24VDC / 60W center positive power supply is required.

For the newer Windows operating systems consider purchasing one of the MC series analyzers. This will give you many new features capabilities and enhancements over these older discontinued analyzers.