The BA500 series machines are being replaced with the MC series.  For each BA500 machine, there is a direct replacement in the MC series that offers everything the BA500 series has, plus additional new features.

The MC machines are compatible with the BA500 analyzers so users can mix the older BA500 machines with a newer MC series machine on the same system.

The BA500 analyzers are high performance battery analyzers with charge and discharge capabilities. The analyzers connect to your computer via USB and the BA500WIN software program is used to control the analyzer and battery under test. This system has a fast data collection system allowing you to collect and view as much data as required. Once you collect this data you can graph, analyze & save it.

The analyzers feature several options for control of the battery under test:

Quick Select – Simply enter Battery type, Rated capacity & Voltage. You are now ready to just select Charge, Discharge or Cycle functions. A cycle session will measure the mAH capacity of the battery and give you a battery performance rating as a percentage of the rated capacity.

Profile Select – Allows you to enter all test parameters such as charge, discharge currents, cut-off voltage and many other options including time, temperature and pulsing. You can now charge, discharge or cycle using your defined parameters. A wide selection of charge and discharge termination options are available.

Programmable Feature – This feature allows you to program you own battery management tasks and have complete control to customize your test requirements. With this feature you can program a series of steps. For each step select from charge, discharge, pause, or IR test functions. With each step you can define all the test parameters including time, temperature and pulse options. Once you create your custom program, simply load & run your routine.

The BA500 battery analyzers are operated with the BA500WIN software application. This program is used to configure the analyzers with your specific test requirements. The software also controls the analyzers, collects data, prints reports and evaluates the results with powerful data collection and graphing capabilities. The software supports multiple channels allowing you to expand your system and use different analyzer models to meet your battery testing requirements.

Add multiple channels to build a system that meets your requirements

Each BA500 analyzer connects to your computer via a direct USB connection. So you can add more channels by connecting more analyzers to other USB ports. Short on USB ports? No problem, just use inexpensive USB hubs to add as many USB ports/Analyzers as required. You can even daisy chain USB hubs together. USB hubs are readily available at your computer or office supply store.

In a multi-channel system each channel can operate simultaneously and independently from the other channels. You select which channel to control via the channel selector. You also have options to load test parameters, start and stop sessions and view status fields for all channels in one command.

For even greater flexibility mix and match various BA500 models on the same system.

 Download: Data Sheet


Max Charge Current25103255102.5Amp
Max Discharge Current25103255102.5Amp
Max Battery Voltage202010405301860Volts
Maximum Power40100100120125150150150Watts
D/A and A/D1212121212121212Bits
Accuracy(V,I)0.15%0.15%0.15%0.15%0.40%0.15%0.15%0.15%% FS
V-Meas Resolution11111111mV
V Regulation Resolution552.5101.37.54.515mV
Current Resolution123110231mA
4 Wire VsenseNoYesYesYesYesYesYesYes

All BA500 Analyzers Include:

  • Universal 120/240 VAC input power supply included
  • Built in fan with auto on/off feature
  • Temperature probe included
  • 12 Bit A/D measurements – 12 Bit D/A control
  • Voltage measurement has 16 auto-ranges for 1mV precision
  • Expandable to 96 channels using inexpensive USB hubs
  • Precise on board voltage & current regulation
  • Multi chemistry design for all battery types: LiIon, LiPo, SLA, NiCd, NiMH, Primary & more
  • Internal resistance measurement
  • Constant power discharging feature
  • Programmable pulsing capability
  • Short circuit, reverse polarity and overload protection
  • Field upgradeable flash memory firmware
  • Connects to PC via USB – cable included
  • Factory calibrated with calibration certificate
  • 2 Year warranty & 30 day satisfaction guarantee

Also Available For Low Current Testing:

BA521 +/-200mA 10V 100 µA resolution >10 M Ohm input res $998
BA520 +/-20mA 10V 10 µA resolution >10 M ohm input res $998
BA522 +/-2mA 6V 1µA resolution >10 M ohm input res $998

Other voltage and current configurations available by special order