All Battery Metric devices are factory calibrated. Calibration is traceable to national standards administered by the U.S. NIST.

    This includes:

  • voltage regulation
  • voltage measurement
  • charge current regulation
  • charge current measurement
  • discharge current regulation
  • discharge current measurement

MC, LC and RM series devices are shipped with a calibration certificate for each channel.
All MK devices are factory calibrated and the calibration certificate is available as an additional option.

Calibration Service

Battery Metric offers a calibration service. Customers who want to take advantage of this service should contact Battery Metric for a calibration quotation.

    This service includes:

  • Inspection
  • Available firmware upgrades
  • Recalibration
  • Bench testing
  • Label indicating S/N, calibration date, due date for next calibration
  • Printed calibration certificate

When returning items for calibration be sure to include your purchase order number on all packaging and documents. Return items to the following address with all shipping charges prepaid. This includes all freight, duty, taxes and import fees for entry into Canada.

Return to:

PO Number
Battery Metric
2378 Queen St East, Unit# 4
Toronto ON M4E 1H4
TEL: 519-472-5566

The recommended carrier for returns is UPS or Fedex. Returns from outside of Canada will require a return invoice for Customs purposes. This invoice can be created with the UPS and Fedex online application as the return shipment is being prepared. Please include carrier account number on purchase order for return shipping.

Calibration Interval

The following factors should be considered when deciding on the interval for calibration:

  • local quality standards requirement
  • service duty
  • age
  • critical nature of testing
  • unknown history
  • rough handling or physical damage suspected

Most quality standards recommend a calibration interval of 12 months.