Load Test

Standard Load Test Routine

The load test applies a discharge current load to see if the battery can maintain an output terminal voltage while loaded. This can be a quick test with a Pass or Fail indication about battery health.

Memo: Use this routine to apply a load to test if a battery can maintain a voltage for a specified amount of time. Specify test time as “Discharge Time Limit” parameter. Alternatively specify Maximum AH Output. Specify pass voltage as “Low Voltage Cutoff” parameter. Specify current as “Discharge Current” parameter. Connect battery to begin session. Battery will discharge until the time specified. If the voltage drops below the “Low Voltage Cutoff” the test will immediately stop and register a Fail. Flashing yellow LED indicates the test is proceeding. Solid green LED(Pass) indicates the voltage was maintained above the threshold specified. Solid yellow LED(Fail) indicates battery failed to maintain voltage above threshold. Repeat for any number of batteries. Once the routine is loaded it can operate without connection to PC.