Program Pulsing

Editing Pulsing with XMLNotepad editor

Pulsing allows for fast current changes with a step. Use this section to define up to 6 pulse definitions. These pulse definitions are then activated by assigning them in the desired step Pulse_Span field. See Program Steps section. Pulses are assign in the Pulse_Span field by specifying the first and last definition to be used. Of course at least two definitions will be required in a Pulse_Span in order to establish the pulse train. For example: Pulse_Span = 3,4 would create a pulse train consisting of pulse 3-pulse4-pulse3-pulse4… continued repeatedly until the step terminates.

Pulse_Type off, discharge, charge, pause
Pulse_Current_A Specify desired pulse current value in Amps
Pulse_Duration_S Specify length of pulse in Seconds. Maximum 6870 seconds

If you want to apply pulsing within a step then define the pulses here and assign a start and end pulse number as Pulse_Span in the step details. When the step begins the pulses will begin starting with the first number and proceeds sequentially up to the end number. This pattern then repeats indefinitely until the step terminates.

There are 3 different pulse types to choose from:

  1. Discharge: Applies the specified discharge current for the specified interval.
  2. Charge: Applies the specified charge current for the specified interval.
  3. Pause: Applies a pause (Current=0) for the time interval specified. The current value is ignored.

Set pulse type=off: when pulse is unassigned and unused

Pulsing is often used to simulate the load that a battery may experience in the target application. By using this pulsing feature you can have pulses of very short duration. Pulses as short at 100µS (0.0001 sec) can be specified here.

Pulsing could also be created by cycling through a series of individual steps however the minimum time for an individual step is approximately 1.2 sec.
When looking for longer duration pulsing, pulsing patterns can be created using a series of steps in the routine. In which case you don’t need to use these pulse definitions. These pulse definitions are really only required for higher speed pulsing within a single step.