This menu section is used to manage a custom program routine.

Open: Opens the xml program file so that it can be previewed or loaded into the Battery Metric device.

Preview: Opens a new window that displays a comprehensive display of the all the programming parameters.  This display is very helpful for developing, reviewing and understanding how the program will operate.  This preview window is for display purposes only and cannot be edited.  The editing must still be done with an XML editor program.  However this window is a more convenient way to visualize the total program operation.  When programming a new routin,e the best practice is to keep the XML editor open and as you save changes in the XML file, reopen the preview window to review the changes.

Load: This will compile and load the program file into the Battery Metric device.  The program will then be routed to step 1 and be ready for operation.

Clear: This simply clears the program workspace.

Force: Use this to force the loaded program to route to a specific step. Select Force then enter the desired step number. This can be used in any way required.  It could be part of the how the program is designed or it could just be use to force a new step for development and debugging purposes.  Note that a program could be designed with many different functions and the Force feature could be used to instigate a change to the new function.  In effect you can have multiple programs or task written into a single xml program file.  Switching between functions or task would be as simple as forcing the device to a new step.

New: This will create a new blank xml file template that can then be edited with an xml file editor.  XMLNotepad is a recommended xml file editing program. This is a free editing tool from Microsoft. Download here: XML Notepad 2007

Program controls are only available when in Program setup mode. Click the Program tab to enter Program setup mode.