4 Port USB Adapter

4 Port USB HUB

Build a multi-channel system by adding more analyzers to your system. Simply plug additional  analyzers into spare USB ports. If you need more USB ports just use a USB HUB to expand 1 USB port into 4.

Order USB HUB -4 Port → HUB-4   $25


Network Controller

Network Controller: USB to Modular interface

Network controller for an RM modular system.  The controller is the interface between the computer and modules. USB type B input and Modular cable output.  Just one controller is required for any number of RM modules on the same system.  The controller can be mounted on a DIN rail or used inline between cables.  Cables not included.

Order Controller → USB-CTLR   $45


DIN Rail

12 or 18 inch DIN rails. Used to mount RM modules to walls or cabinets. All RM modules are supplied with two DIN rail clip for attachment to 35mm DIN rails.
Order 12in DIN rail → DIN Rail-12in   $12 Order 18in DIN rail → DIN Rail-18in   $16