LC Series Low Current Battery Analyzers

The LC Series machines are low current, low power devices configured for management of low capacity batteries. These devices offer very high input resistance and have current control as low a 0.25 micro Ampere. These machines also offer 3 current ranges. Select the device that has the current ranges required for the intended application. Other voltage and current configurations are also available.

Input resistance of 10MΩ

Isolated USB connection to PC

BA500WIN Software included

Factory calibrated with calibration certificate

The LC Series machines are ideal for testing button cells and other low current applications. They are operated with the same software applications as the MC series and feature similar features in other regards.

Pair of Quad Channel LC Analyzers

Download: Data Sheet

Download: User Guide

The LC series machines have all the features and capabilities of the MC series. They have just been optimized for higher input resistance as well as better voltage and current resolution. Refer to the MC series for more feature details. Includes built in universal power supply, battery cables with 4 wire connection for remote Vsense. Temperature measurement cables and special test fixtures are available as options. The LC series machines are ideal for lab testing of batteries, super-capacitors & other energy storage devices.

LC Series Specifications

Model Maximum Voltage 3 Current Ranges Current Resolution
LC0510 5 V +/-100 mA, +/- 10 mA, +/- 1 mA 25 µA, 2.5 µA, 0.25 µA
LC0520 5 V +/-200 mA, +/-20 mA, +/-2 mA 50µA, 5 µA, 0.5µA
LC0540 5 V +/-400 mA, +/-40 mA, +/-4 mA 100 µA, 10 µA, 1 µA

Looking for different current ranges in this series ?  Inquire about other current ranges available as a special order.  Voltages up to 10V are also available in this series.

 Enclosure Details

Package Configuration Connection Size / Weight
Single (1 Channel) Stackable Desktop Banana Jacks & 8 Pos Port 17x8x19 cm / 2 kg
Quad (4 Channels) Stackable Desktop 8 Pos Port 26x10x31 cm / 6 kg

All units have USB isolation.  Channel isolation in multi-channel units is available as an additional option.