MK Open Board Battery Analyzer Test Module

Charge, Discharge, Test, Analyze

MK201 Module with 2.5″ heat sink. $175

MK201 Module shown with optional case

Download: Data Sheet

Download: User Guide

Build a custom battery management solution by incorporating the MK201 module into a customized system.

The open board module MK201 does not include any accessories. This offers the chance to build your own battery test platform using cables and power supplies that you might already have. This is the most economical way to put together a Battery Metric test solution using the same software available to all Battery Metric users.

Save money by supplying your own standard power supply, cables, enclosure and downloading software and manuals from

The module is powered with a 12 to 24VDC external power supply connected to either the 2.1mm plug or screw terminals. The MK-201 features a fully isolated USB interface with USB–B type connector. Additional modules can be added to the same system to build a multi-channel battery analyzer. Use spare USB ports or economical USB hubs to connect several modules to one PC.

MK-201 Module Only


  • Charge and discharge up to 1A for batteries up to 20V
  • Single current range from 0 to 1A with 1mA precision
  • 16 voltage measurement ranges for 1mV precision
  • 12 bit D/A for 1mA and 5mV regulation
  • 12 bit A/D for 0.15% full scale accuracy
  • Short circuit, reverse polarity, overload and fuse protection
  • 2 screw terminals for battery connection
  • 3 LED status indicators & Vector control button
  • Audio indicator
  • Board mounted 2.5” heat sink (20W)
  • Factory calibrated
  • Dim: 11.4w x 8.9d x 6.9h (cm), Wt: 140 g



MK Case

This optional accessory can house the MK module for convenient desktop operation. Open top and bottom allows for good ventilation. Equipped with non slip rubber feet and mounting hardware.



MK Full Kit

Full kit includes:

  • MK-201 module (+/-1A,20V)
  • Power supply with international adapters
  • MK case
  • USB Cable (USB-A to USB-B)
  • Battery Cables (Aligator clips)
  • Temperature cable
  • User guide & software CD