MC Series Battery Analyzers

The MC line of battery analyzers continues Battery Metric’s history of delivering features and flexibility in a system that provides excellent performance and value.

There are several models to choose from in the MC series. Select from various voltage and current capabilities to suit your application. Models with current up to 5A and voltages up to 50V are available.  Models in this series are available in Single, Dual and Quad channel packages.

MC Series Lineup

MC Rear View
MC Rear View


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Choose from a variety of software tools to operate your Battery Metric device. Use the MC device in a lab type application, a more specific test or a production application.

The Battery Metric device has the flexibility to meet many battery testing and management functions.

All MC series analyzers are supplied with USB cable, AC power cord, built in fan, battery cables  and integrated power supply. No additional equipment or power supplies are required. Just connect the analyzer to your USB port, install the software and connect the battery.


MC2020-Quad  –  Four Channel Analyzer

The MC series analyzers are available in single or multi-channel configurations. Each channel can be operated independently. Increase the number of channels by connecting more analyzers to your computer. Mix and match different models for added versatility. The dual and quad channel versions offer cost and space savings.

All MC series analyzers have an eight position front panel port featuring a 4 wire battery connection as well as allowing for connection of a variety of optional battery adapters, temperature cable, digital I/O, and other special cable assemblies. The single and dual channel analyzers also feature front panel banana jacks for versatility and convenience.

Operate with BA500WIN

For frequently changing test parameters and data collection use BA500WIN. This laboratory type interface gives you real time control over the test session. Test parameters are easily created and stored in the profile database. Simply load the test profile to match your battery type and select from the on screen controls.

BA500WIN also includes a Program feature for greater control or use the Quick Select option for default test parameters.  Switch between channels using the on screen software to operate each channel independently.  Data can be monitored in real time as the test proceeds.  A variety of features and options allow for custom data collection and logging.

Model Max Vol Max Cur Max Pwr
MC2020 20 V +/- 2 A 40 W/Ch
MC2050 20 V +/- 5 A 100 W/Ch
MC4030 40 V +/- 3 A 120 W/Ch