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8 Current Sharing

The Current Sharing feature allows multiple devices to operate as one group to increase the current carrying capability. When operating as a group, one channel will be the designated host channel. The host channel is the channel that controls the operation, aggregates the data and displays data for the whole group. To set up a current sharing group in Profile Setup mode:

  • Specify the Group Size for the channel that will be the host in profile Options.
  • The Group Size should be a number of 2 or greater because a group will consist of 2 or more channels.
  • The other channels in the group must be subsequently numbered channels. ie. if channel 5 is the host with Group Size=4, then channels 6,7,8 must be followers in the group.
  • The host always has the lowest channel number.
  • Each follower will apply the same charge and discharge current as the host channel.
  • The charge and discharge current specified for the host channel will be evenly carried by each channel in the group.
  • Current on each channel = Current specified in host channel / Group Size
  • The host channel is used to manage the entire group. Specify Profile Setup parameters and control the group using the host channel.
  • There can be more than one group operating at a time on other channels.
  • Current, AH, WH data reported by all channels in the group is aggregated and displayed in the host channel.
  • Charge and Discharge current in following channels will automatically start and stop in response to activity by the host channel
  • Do not attempt to control the follower channels. All control is performed on the host channel.
  • All channels in the group are connected to the same battery in parallel. Observe proper polarity.
  • When operating a group, all channels in the group must be connected to the PC and be online. The Battery Console software application must be running because the Host to Follower commands pass through the PC.
  • If Battery Console is closed, then all follower channels will shut down after 30 seconds for safety.
  • A current follower always uses the high range.
  • The current resolution for all followers is 0.01A
  • Followers are only set up to charge and discharge at constant current(CC).
  • Constant Power(CP) and Constant Resistance(CR) discharge are not available at this time.

Current Sharing is not available in Quick Setup.
Current Sharing for custom Routines is enabled by specifying Group_No in program Details