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4.4 Graph Data

Graph Data Section

The Graph area will display a plot of Voltage, Current and Temperature as the battery test session proceeds. The chart is updated in real time as new data is received. The plot lines can be enabled/disabled and background color changed. See: Menu/View.
Voltage is read on the left axis. Current is read on the right axis. Temperature divided by 10 is referenced to the left axis. The left axis maximum can be adjusted if required to get a better plot view. Using mouse left click will increase left axis maximum. Mouse right will decrease left axis.

Discharge current can be plotted as a negative value below the X axis or as a positive value above the X axis. See: Menu/System/Use ABS values.

The graph data is cleared each time a new session begins. To print graph see: Menu/File/Print Chart
The Battery Metric device must be connected to PC with Battery Console running in order to collect data for the chart.