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5.3 Program Setup

Click Program tab to enter Program mode.

Program Setup Tab

Programs are custom routines that are prepared using a XML editor program. See Programming section for more details.

Controls used to load and operate device

When in Program mode the function of the 3 leftmost control buttons on the main screen change functions. These 3 control buttons now are used to Open, Preview and Load program into the device for use. The Standard Routines are not use in Program Mode. When a program is opened, the Program Setup window area displays some operational information about the program. The complete program listing can be viewed using Preview.

Note that Programs can be configured to begin and end sessions when the battery is connected/disconnected. This way the program can be used even without the use of the host computer once they have been loaded. The hardware Vector push button is equivalent to the on screen Start button. See Programming section for details on creating programs.
Once the program is loaded, it does not have to be loaded again, unless a different program is required. This is also true if the device is powered off and Battery Console is closed. The next time the device is powered up and Battery Console is restarted the program can just be used right away without requiring a reload. Just be sure to always connect the correct battery for the programmed session. If a different battery is used or any test parameters need to be changed then reload of a new program will be required.