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4.3 Results Data

Results Data Section

Results Data is the results from each step that completes. As a session is proceeding you will see data collected and accumulated in the Real Time data section. Once that step completes the accumulated data and appropriate messages are saved by the device. The Results Data from the completed step are then transferred to the Results Data section for reference. The Results Data also appears on printed reports. The Results Data is retained until a new session begins, at which time the old session data resets.

Results Data is retained by device and is available for viewing even if the Battery Console application is started during or after a test session. This allows the device to be used even without a PC connection. The Battery Console application can be started later if/when viewing the data is required.

When Battery Console is running, and the Results Logging option is enabled, all Results Data also gets written to the Results Log file. The Results Log is a useful permanent record of the session. The maximum number of steps/rows available in the Results Data section is 64. The Results Log file can record any number of step results.

Use ↓ button to show more rows. Use ↑ button to hide rows. Use the scroll bar to view additional rows.
Each line of the Results Data represents the completion of one step. It’s organized with 1 row for each step completed. The following columns are included:



# This is Counter1 that is usually used as a cycle or step counter.
Function The function executed on this step. ex. Charge, Discharge, Pause, IR Test, Stop
Time Time duration of the step. Format:HHH:MM:SS
mAH/AH/WH Displays result depending on option selected. See: Menu/System/…
Term Type Indicates what event generated the step termination.
Message A custom message used to inform the operator. See Program Messages section for examples.


When preparing custom routines be aware that you must Save the data for any step that is to appear in the Results Data. Do this by setting Save=yes for the desired steps in the xml program file. Also note that Counter 1 is a special counter that gets saved with the Results Data and is used to assign a number(#) to the Result Data row. Since the Results Data is saved to memory before counters are incremented. It is necessary to increment Counter1 before beginning the step that will eventually correspond to Counter 1. Keep this in mind when programming custom routines to ensure that Counter1(#) will match with the correct Results Data row.