Standard Routines

The Battery Console application has a selection of pre-programmed standard routines that can be used as required.  No programming is required to use these routines. Simply select how you want to define the parameters and then load any of these standard routines into the Battery Metric device for use.  There are two ways to define the test parameters prior to loading these standard routines:

  1. Quick Setup – Simply select the Quick Setup tab in the setup panel to enter Quick Setup mode.  Then enter the 3 required parameters: Battery Type, Number of cells in series and the Rated Capacity.  Default parameters will be used based on these 3 inputs. If the rated capacity is unknown then just use the best estimate and use the device to measure the actual capacity. Revise this value later with the new information.

  3. Profile Setup – Select the Profile Setup tab in the setup panel to enter Prfile Setup mode. In profile mode a database holds all of the battery setup profiles. Each profile has a name and associated parameters. Create new profiles or edit the existing profiles as required. The software comes with a few example profiles. These example Profiles should be reviewed and edited as required for the correct battery being managed.

Standard routines can only be used in Quick Setup or Profile Setup mode. The 3 leftmost onscreen controls: Charge, Discharge, Cycle are used to load these respective routines into the device. These 3 standard routines along with additional standard routines can also be found using: Menu/Routines.

Note that in Program Setup mode these standard routines are no longer available. The 3 onscreen controls: Charge, Discharge, Cycle will be replaced with program management controls when in Program Setup mode.