Standard Discharge Routine

The Discharge routine will discharge a battery down to the Voltage Cutoff value specified in Quick Setup or Profile Setup. The output delivered will be measured in mAH, or AH and WH. A rating of Percent Capacity will also be calculated for the battery. This rating will be based on the actual AH output delivered expressed as a percentage of the rated capacity. Be sure to specify the Rated Capacity in order for this rating to be representative. By specifying a pass threshold a Pass or Fail text message will also be calculated at the end of the discharge session. This text message will appear in the Results Data when the discharge session terminates.

Memo: Universal Discharge Function. Connect battery to begin session. Battery will discharge down to lower cut-off voltage specified. Flashing yellow LED indicates the test is proceeding. Solid green LED indicates output exceeded pass threshold. Solid yellow LED indicates battery failed to deliver the pass value.