Battery Console Application Introduction

The Battery Console software application is used to control and manage the Battery Metric analyzers and test modules. Use Battery Console to:

  • Independently manage all channels
  • Select test parameters
  • Manage database of test profiles
  • Load & run standard Routines
  • Load, preview and run custom program Routines
  • Operate device to Start, Stop, Restart test sessions
  • View Real Time data
  • View Saved Data results
  • View Real Time chart
  • Collect data and results log files
  • Print test reports

A Routine is a battery test program designed to perform a specific task for a specific battery type and configuration. It can charge, discharge, perform tests, check parameters, calculate battery performance, and provide results. Powerful conditional routing, tests, cycles and other tasks can be accomplished for creating intelligent battery test functions and algorithms.

As the test session is proceeding, results are conveyed to the user via the On Screen console, LED’s and Beeper. The On Screen console provides more information than you would normally see on a typical LCD panel and can be customized for each routine.

Once the routine is loaded, the device can also operate on a stand alone basis without requiring the host PC connection.  The LED’s and Beeper provide status and results information. Build a battery management product to perform specific tasks.

Battery Console contains standard routines that can be used by just selecting the desired battery parameters. Alternatively custom routines can be programmed for maximum flexibility. The Routine can be customized for a unique application. This basically gives you a programmable battery manager with a level of control that is truly impressive. By having one device that can be reprogrammed you can perform many different functions now and in the future.

What can Routines be used for ?

Use the device for a simple charge or discharge session or for more complex functions. Limited only by your imagination, here are some examples to get you thinking:

  • Battery charger
  • Battery discharger
  • Battery load module
  • Production commissioning
  • Special test equipment
  • Battery Conditioning
  • Capacity measurement
  • Internal Resistance measurement
  • Cycling
  • Unique battery algorithms
  • Charge monitoring
  • Voltage monitoring
  • Life cycle testing
  • Identify under performance
  • Warranty validation
  • Battery selection
  • Acceptance testing
  • Lost chargers
  • Regulated power supply
  • Quality control
  • Go / No Go testing
  • Pass, marginal, fail grading
  • Protection circuit testing
  • Battery fuel gauge calibration
  • Delivery Preparation
  • Over voltage monitor
  • Temperature alarm
  • Float/trickle charging
  • Threshold alarms
  • Absorption charging
  • Cell monitoring
  • Expanded scale volt meter
  • Power supply
  • Constant power discharging
  • Constant resistance discharging
  • Conditional routing
  • Intelligent battery manager


Resources available on Battery Metric analyzers and modules
Enjoy a wide array of battery management resources. Take advantage of the powerful routing, looping and comparison functionality to meet any charge, discharge or special test function. Program custom routines to have full control over the device’s various resources for a special test or application.

  • Current regulator
  • Voltage regulator
  • Constant current charging & discharging
  • Constant power discharging
  • Constant resistance discharging
  • Current measurement
  • Voltage measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Flash program memory
  • mAH / AH measurement Time measurement
  • Many termination options
  • 7 programmable counters
  • 3 timers
  • Programmable LED’s
  • Programmable Beeper
  • Data retention
  • Customize Console Display
  • Manual Vector
  • Programmable routing
  • Parameter checking & routing
  • IR measurement function
  • Custom user messages
  • Programmable IF and GoTo statements
  • Conditional routing
  • Programmable pulsing
  • Data logging
  • Current Sharing across channels
  • 2 programmable LED’s
  • High Speed Pulsing
  • Many termination parameters
  • Programmable Results messages
  • Programmable user instructions

Use the Battery Console application to write or edit a unique battery test routine. This is great for setting up a special task in a production environment. Once the routine is created and loaded into the device, production staff can easily use it without special training or knowledge. Great for commissioning batteries or packs or other routine quality or production requirements.

On screen data, controls and results are at your fingertips. If it’s pure battery functionality that’s required then the routines can operate in stand alone mode for fast and easy production tasks.