Program Battery

Programming Battery Details


Enter any type of battery identification, like model number or battery type. Maximum of 10 characters. This will be displayed in section 3 on the Main Screen so users will know exactly what type of battery is to be used. It also appears on printed reports.


Use one of the valid battery chemistry qualifiers. Use the exact syntax. Since this is used for validation during program compiling you must use one of the following: nicd, nimh, sla, liion, lipo, primary, other


This is the total rated voltage of all cells in series. Typical values:

  • nicd & nimh:No of cells x 1.2V/cell
  • sla:No of cells x 2V/cell
  • liion & lipo:No of cells x 3.7V/cell


Capacity rating of the battery specified in Amp Hours(AH). Used to perform % of Capacity calculations. Estimate if unknown and then revise once it’s been measured.


No of cells in series. For single cell value = 1. Calculate for packs using V/cell listed above.


No of cells in parallel for information reports. If unknown use 1

Battery information entered here appears in various places when the program is loaded. This is important so users will understand when and how to use the program. Before connecting any batteries, users should check this on screen information to ensure they are connecting the correct battery.